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Various forms of identification are required to travel.  If you are flying anywhere in the US, you must have an unexpired photo ID issued by a government.  This is not needed for anyone under the age of 16.  If you are entering the US from Mexico or Canada by land, you will need proof of citizenship or the right to legally enter the US.  For US citizens this consists of a passport; a passport card or an unexpired photo ID and either an official copy of your birth certificate or naturalization papers.

If you are cruising from the US and returning to the same port, the documentation above for land entry is also required.  If your cruise will return you to a different port in the US, or you are arriving from a foreign port, you will need to present a passport.

If you are flying into the US, you will be required to present a passport.  This can present some problems because if you choose to leave the US without one, using an alternative identification method, and then must fly back in, you can be held until your citizenship is verified.

If you are a foreign national, other than Canada or Mexico, you will need a passport and may also need a visa.  Consult with your consulate and that of the nation(s) you will be traveling to. If you are a legal permanent resident you will need a passport from your country and your “green card”.

I can provide you with information specific to your travel needs, especially in unusual situations or where the required documentation may be unclear.

Legally Required Documentation for Travel