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“But aren’t travel agents dead?  Who needs a travel agent anymore?  I can just go out to Travorbpedia and get a the same air fare or hotel.”

Yes, you can.  But how about a trip to Germany?  Or that Southern Caribbean cruise?  What do you really know about Walt Disney World?  And do you really roam with someone?  Why does “Janet” sound different today than yesterday?

Many people are surprised that I can sometimes find better air fare than they can, particularly international.  A travel agent has access to suppliers who can offer us better rates, or from a consortium (a group of different travel companies).  Sometimes you’ll find that rooms at your hotel in Las Vegas are “sold out” on one of the travel websites.  But the hotel still has plenty of rooms.  They only sell a certain number to these companies and save the rest for themselves.  It’s less expensive for them to pay a travel agent a commission than it is to sell to the website at the huge discounts that they do.

Speaking of hotels, and speaking of Europe, do you know where to go and what to do to most enjoy your trip?  I can organize a trip for you that will match your wants and your budget.  Actually, several different trips.  Then we can figure out the one you want.

A good agent will do two things.  I’ll answer your question.  And I’ll ask you questions.  Slowly but surely we’ll figure out exactly what you want and need.  And those two are different.

Let’s be honest.  I don’t know everything about everything.  Or, sometimes I don’t know anything about some things.  But a good agent knows where to check.  And I have plenty of people to talk with who will have that knowledge.

Tell me where you want to go and what you want to do.  We’ll get you there.

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