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October’s Travel Course: Germany

Germany is one of those countries that has existed for centuries, but which technically didn’t exist in its present form until the late 1800’s.  Germany’s influence over European culture and history dates back to Julius Cesar and his on-again/off-again alliance with Germanicus, king of an area we might refer to as making up part of what is now Germany (catch the name?)

View the country as consisting of several geographic areas, each of which has enough to keep you busy for a week. Of course everyone thinks of the Alps. The Rhein flows through Germany for much of its route before leading into the low lands of the BeNeLux countries. Northern Germany is another, different coastal plane. And inland, to the east is an area generally viewed as part of the European Midlands. Germany’s culture consists of more than beer and Oktoberfest.  Martin Luther. The first movable type printing press. Numerous classic composers and authors. Some of the greatest scientists of the 20th Century, if not in all time.

Germany is worth visiting.  More than once. Let me know and I can get you there.


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