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Remember to call your credit card companies when you are doing extensive traveling, especially out of the country!  Make sure that you can still buy those goodies.  And you might want to get an international roaming plan from your mobile phone company provider.


Get an onboard get of up to $80

Book a cruise by December 21st  , 2015 for a cruise that starts before March 21st , 2016 and get a $25 to $80 credit.  But book now!

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September’s Travel Course: Hawai’i

Hawai’i, the “Island Paradise”, is the dream vacation for many.  Not just in the USA but around the world!  Hawai’i has that reputation as a welcoming place. Warm but not hot, unlike many vacation destinations, the Hawai’I has “climate, not weather”.

The state consists of 8 major islands, a number of smaller islands and a string of atolls and minor islands stringing north and west for a surprising distance.  Hawiai’i is part of the volcanic “hot spot” with The Big Island (or Hawai’i Island, but that just causes confusion) being the newest and has the most active volcano in the world and  

There are so many things to see and do that you’ll want to come back. Hawai’i is a destination for almost everyone on the Pacific Rim. Perhaps you’d like to visit next. Let me know and I can get you there.

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