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August’s Travel Course: Hawai’i

Hawai’I, the “Island Paradise”, is the dream vacation for many.  Not just in the USA but around the world!  Hawai’I has that reputation as a welcoming place. Warm but not hot, unlike many vacation destinations, the Hawai’I has “climate, not weather”.

The state consists of 8 major islands, a number of smaller islands and a string of atolls and minor islands stringing north and west for a surprising distance.  Many people are surprised to learn that Midway Island (more correctly, the Midway Atoll), although not part of the state, is part of the volcanic “hot spot” that has formed the Hawai’I-Emperor seamount chain.  The youngest part of this chain is The Big Island (or Hawai’I Island, but that just causes confusion).

Mark Twain once said “invest in land, because they’re not making any more”.  Go to Hawai’I and see why he’s wrong. The Big Island has the most active volcano in the world.  The Mainland has the Grand Canyon.  Kauai has Waimea Canyon, which Mark Twain once called “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific”.  One of them is green, though.

If you are going to Hawai’I for a week, make Oahu your first and only stop.  There is just too much to do there, and you’ll find that not doing anything is just as tempting. If you do choose to visit a Neighbor Island plan on scratching out a day for travel.  You’ll need to check out, go to the airport, drop your car off, check in, fly out, pick up your bags, pick up your car, drive to where ever you’ll be staying next, check in, hopefully get your room (or wait for it), unpack, fall on the bed and breath!  It’s best to try two islands only if you’ve been there before AND have at least 10 days.

Hawai’I is a destination for almost everyone on the Pacific Rim.  Perhaps you’d like to visit next. Let me know and I can get you there.

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